DETAIL: Craft in Practice at Columbia GSAPP

‘DETAIL: Craft In Practice’ was developed and taught with Paul Sanderson during the Spring 2018 semester at Columbia GSAPP. This course required that students design and develop a detail from their studio projects and have a portion of the detail fabricated by a local craftsperson. We sat with each team of students weekly to go over their proposal and offer input on the development of the detail

Students were responsible for finding and coordinating with their fabricators. They had to manage deadlines, budgets, meetings, and listen feedback from their fabricator to successfully complete their project. For many students this was the first experience they had with trying to communicate a design intention to non-architects.

Students were encouraged to engage with the fabricators as much as possible. Many groups were able to watch their part being fabricated, and took direct input to better design their detail. Understanding that having the fabricators input was not only helpful in bring the price/time of producing the part down, but also helped make the design of the part better as a result.

Student work by:
Biberoglu + Cernea
Minjae Kim
Do + Kim
Liu + Ye
Hye-Min Cha
Tian + Tu
Liu + Jin
Barker + Williams

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