Fast Formwork ETH Zurich + Columbia GSAPP
During the Summer of 2019 a group of students form Columbia GSAPP travelled to Zürich Switzerland. Together with Nina Baier-Bischofberger we coordinated and setup a collaborative workshop with the ETH Digital Building Technologies (DBT), ETH Complex Materials, and the ETH RAPLAB. The goal of the workshop was to test a new material’s properties, and potential for architectural application.

  The student’ first week was spent using a small vacuum former at the RAPLAB and coming up with formal logics to test. Students visited the Materials Lab and discussed their early concepts with the scientist in charge. At the end of each week all four teams gathered in the shared studio space to check in and have a roundtable discussion. The last week was dedicated to the production of the vacuum formed molds, and casting of the experimental material. A round table review and discussion of what the teams learned collectively, followed by a huge celebratory BBQ, followed. Field trips to various architectural and manufacturing sites of importance were coordinated throughout.

Our hard-working group of Columbia GSAPP student’s were: Brenda Lim, Michael McDowell, and Luiza Furia


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