Ranch House
Complete renovation of an existing 1950’s ranch style brick home. The primary structural system  was engineered to expose the existing character of the wood ceiling, and create a more open and flexible living space. Various  interventions checkerbaord the ceiling to create a complex responsive patchwork. The back of the house is opened up to create a more inviting transition to the yard. Custom everything.  

Expected completion Summer 2024

Condo Bath
A quick and inexpensive renovation to an existing bathroom in a historic condominium complex in Tucson. Simple materials and a focus on color, contrast, and shadow.
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Arizona ADU Prototypes
A series of prototypical designs for the desert. Recent changes to Tucson’s zoning allows for new typologies but, also asks that we consider what relationship these accessory units have with the properties they sit on.  Shade plays an important role, as does privacy. 
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Speculative, Housing

Studio Study 2
A small study model investigating a north facing open air studio concpet with an attached toilet room and outdor washbasin. The existing mesquite tree remained on the west side providing shade from the afternoon light. A long table inside for working faces a raised planter and bench where a small garden grows.
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Studio Study 1
A quick large scale study model in foamcore. A wooden rainscreen and simple shed roof block the sun while a large northen window above the desk provides ample studio lighting. A large sliding door allows larger works in and out the studio space.
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